Bridal world plummets on wedding day after alleged scam by wedding planner – Manila Bulletin

CEBU CITY — What was supposed to be a special day for a couple here ended in a nightmarish experience.

A video of a bride inconsolable after discovering that the venue for the wedding reception was not booked.

The video was posted by wedding photographer Tonskie Elsisura on Wednesday.

The video has already garnered 783,000 views, 26,000 reactions, 14,000 comments and 32,000 shares.

The issue took another turn after the wedding coordinator identified as Nasser Fuentes attempted suicide by cutting his wrist.

Police confirmed on Thursday that Fuentes was taken to a Mandaue City hospital after attempting to kill himself at his home in Consolacion City, North Cebu.

According to Elsisura’s post, the wedding coordinator was already fully paid and even visited the couple’s residence before the wedding ceremony.

The wedding coordinator left around noon.

“The wedding coordinator could not be contacted after he left around lunchtime, but we thought he was just busy decorating the venue,” Elisisura said in the post.

Right after the wedding ceremony in Minglanilla Town, South Cebu, the couple, relatives and guests headed to Barangay Labangon in Cebu City for the reception.

Much to everyone’s shock, the place was closed and no food was prepared.

The catering services management then advised that the venue was not booked for any event that day.

With her hands covering her face, the bride was seen in the video collapsing while being comforted.