“I’m a destination wedding planner based in London – here are the money saving tips I wish couples knew, including shopping at Tesco”

ByMaria R. Alfaro

Apr 25, 2022

We’re well into spring and the end of April is approaching, which means one thing for many brides and grooms-to-be: wedding season has officially arrived. But what should you do to prepare for these weddings abroad?

Are you afraid of sweating while sitting and watching your friend get married on the beach? What are the best shoes to wear to avoid sand filled toes? And what are the best ways to save money on a destination wedding?

Megan Walsh is a destination wedding planner with the East London company, The wedding travel company. She shared her best tips and tricks with MyLondon for couples and guests heading to weddings abroad this year – she even revealed how you can use your weekly Tesco shop to prepare for the big day.

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Megan Walsh is a professional destination wedding planner

Megan has ten years of industry experience and now specializes in Caribbean wedding and honeymoon planning. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to destination weddings and the 29-year-old shared her advice on some of the things couples and guests often forget to plan when going abroad.

Of course, saving money is a big factor when it comes to planning a wedding and Megan shared the surprising way you can prepare for it well in advance: groceries for a year or two before your wedding, then book your flights.

“Supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s have programs where shoppers are rewarded with miles for spending their money with them. Ask your guests to do the same. It really makes a difference and you can save hundreds of dollars, especially if you’re shopping for more people.”

Another thing to consider abroad is of course the heat. No one wants to end up sweating during a wedding ceremony – it could be pretty bad for the nerves anyway. So Megan suggests, “Go a few days before the wedding, at least, to give your body time to adjust to the change in temperature. Stay hydrated as drinking water can help cool the body down and reduce sweating. .”

Will you be attending a destination wedding this year? This ceremony takes place at the Amavi Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus

When you get married in a hot country, another thing you might not have considered is the possibility of getting heat stroke during the ceremony. So to save you from having guests over or even the bride fainting before anyone has even said “yes”, the wedding planner advises booking accordingly. “Most venues offer a range of ceremony times throughout the day.

“To avoid the higher temperatures on the day altogether, book a ceremony for sunset instead – although people planning a beach wedding often have a little breeze to relax anyway.”

And what about your makeup in all this heat? Weddings can take up your whole day, and if the party is good enough, all night too. So to help your makeup survive the occasion, Megan recommends, “Look at Airbrush makeup – it’s silicone-based, which means it lasts longer and is more water-resistant than regular makeup. I’ve seen amazing results and it helps reduce sweating.”

While big, heavy wedding dresses may seem like a must-have in the UK, brides need to change up their style for most destination weddings to stay cool in hot weather, as Megan says: “Remember that you swell in the heat, so a perfectly altered dress or costume can be a little tight once there.”

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Saying ‘yes to the dress’, Megan says: ‘A tip is to opt for a lighter flowing skirt over a structured hoop dress, these can be altered to create side slits which can be hidden in the fabric , or that look like part of A flowing skirt will create ripples in the breeze and add movement to wedding photos.

“Or, opt for a design with an element of bare skin – wear an alluring backless dress, or a strapless or spaghetti strap dress. For those who want something less traditional, an elegant strapless jumpsuit with beading will pop against an ocean backdrop.”

A big concern for brides and guests at these quaint beach weddings may actually be the easiest thing on how to walk in heels. But Megan has a tip for that, too: “If you want to wear heels, put a long feathery rug in your driveway to support them, or put up a platform so you can all walk easily without getting sand in your shoes. or fall. finished.”

Londoners could head to several weddings in the UK and overseas this year as the postponed covid ceremonies finally take place. So these tips from Megan might help make the season a little smoother.

Will you be attending a destination wedding this year?

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